About Us

Cambridge Advanced Materials and Technologies Ltd (CAMTEC) provides materials and processing consultancy services for clients developing advanced technologies for the market.

The Director, Prof. B. A. Glowacki CEng FInstP FIMMM, created CAMTEC in 2016 from Cambridge Superconducting Composites, which has been in operation since 1992.  Prof. Glowacki is also a co-founder of two advanced materials manufacturing companies, Metalysis Ltd and Epoch Wires Ltd.  He is also a Professor of Energy and Materials Science in the University of Cambridge.

Prof. Glowacki, together with a team of specialist Associated Consultants, provides creative and effective solutions for the energy, electronics, medical and cryogenic sectors.


   Nb3Sn MgB2   MgB2 cu and Fe  CuB2  electromag dens Mgb2  Nb3 Diddusion Nb3Al  hexagonal NbCu  YSZ double layer  SOFC DCFCYBCO ROUND  YBCO STACKS  ybco stack  magnetised stack     Ag doctor blading  Ag printing 


printer without cover  drop watcher  PHARMA  SOFC   DOMINO NOZZLE  DREZDEN SYSTEM   GRADED DOMINO  REACTOR PLASMA  FULL INK JET  NIAL ELECTRO   electromagnetic densification


MRI  COOLING SYSTEM  He cooling system  racetrack  motor  plasma syst  YBCO DN   DECENTRALISED h2